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Affiliated Advisors   is an affiliate of Growth Management Group (GMG.)  Some of GMG's clients are Westinghouse, Toyota, Lazy Boy Furniture and restaurants like Popeye's Chicken and Big Boys. 

Our local company, Affiliated Advisors is a Tax Consulting Firm with a Commercial Lending Divison.  Collectively we have 45 years experience in the financial services industry. While we have a 90% plus success record on saving companies money some companies may not achieve savings in every area because they don't meet the minimums or they have no expenses in certain areas.

We are one of the few companies that GUARANTEES results or there is NO charge.   "No Savings - No Fee - No Kidding!"

Community Outreach to Business and the Public

We are available for luncheons and meetings to review some of the most overlooked tax benefits most companies are not aware of and the business expense savings most overlooked. We do these for Chamber of Commerce's Business Luncheons and Dinners, Accounting Professionals, Bankers, Insurance Professionals, Contractors, Medical Practitioners and for any Business Group.

 Our company also does seminars for the public on “How to be Debt Free in 10 years or less including your mortgage without a 2nd job and for business groups – “Sources of Funding for your business and how to get it,”How to Have a Tax Deductible Retirement Plan Available Just For the Business Owner” (that gives you access to the funds for your business with no tax penalty and let’s you take the money out tax free) and “How to Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line Without Doing Any Additional Business.”  

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Financial Professionals interested in growing their business should contact us for more information on how our Affiliation will help grow their business.

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