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Access Discount Healthcare (ADHC)   

Access Discount Healthcare is transforming consumer health services by delivering convenient and affordable access to quality health care and well being for the populations served. ADHC’s platform combines cutting-edge technology with access to highly trained healthcare professionals to connect employees with the benefits they need most. Using ADHC will ultimately result in better health outcomes, improved productivity, lower costs, and higher morale for employees or members which will your company’s culture both happy and healthy.

We utilize an approach to reach patients, engage them in making empowered health care decisions, and help maintain the ongoing journey to optimum health and well-being. Our unique strategy truly sets us apart in the eHealth landscape and helps to ensure that members  and employees will be able to take full advantage of a premium, high quality health care experience that will enhance their health, improve productivity, lower costs and maintain participation with their company or organization.

Smart Medical

Smart Medical is a monthly subscription that makes 600+ of the most common prescriptions free to users.  Smart Medical offers access to:

Chronic Medications

Over the counter Medications

Diabetic Supplies and Insulin

Acute Medications

Pharmacy Coaching and Assistance

Home Delivery of prescriptions

Smart Medical is accepted at most pharmacies nationwide.

Pricing: Individual $21.99   2 Person Family $26.99   Family Plan $31.99

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