Medical Underpayments Audit


 Our new medical underpayments audit uncovers and reclaims hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical insurance underpayments owed to major medical facilities. It has become clear that they are fully aware of their need for assistance in this field.  Because of the crisis caused by insurance companies underpaying claims submitted by hospitals, urgent care and large primary care facilities, the company we represent has developed proprietary auditing software to address the problem. This software successfully accommodates finding and reclaiming a large percentage of lost revenue due to insurance underpayments. Millions of dollars are being found and returned to the medical facility they belong to. There are NO upfront costs for this program – our compensation is a percentage of the reclaimed monies.
We consider this to be one of the most important programs we currently work with, positively affecting not only the bottom lines of our nations’ medical facilities but also that of the medical consumer overall in the days and years to come.

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